About Bella Luna Lighting

When Nicolas Trujillo and Teresa Costa met in 1994, it was obvious to them that their passion for creativity and design esthetic were uniquely matched. After several artistic and commercial collaborations, their success propelled them to establish Luna Bella, Inc in 1996. As young entrepreneurs, they pin pointed a void in the market for creative alternatives to standard residential lighting, furniture and home accessories.

They have established a strong partnership in which their unique artistic backgrounds play a role. Nicolas' technical knowledge enhances his ability to create pieces that are both mechanical yet delicate in structure while Teresa uniquely blends distinctive mediums, proportions and colors. This alliance results in a line that is whimsical yet structurally unique, evocative of the pre-industrial revolution era. Their love of classical and art nouveau movements and a respect for contemporary fundamentals are equally relevant in their work.

With the majority of the design world outsourcing and mass producing overseas, Nicolas and Teresa firmly believe that overseeing manufacturing of their highly trained artisans distinguishes Luna Bella from a mass produced product. They have held true to their belief that in order to maintain a unique design, you must have full control over traditional manufacturing techniques in their South Florida facility.