About Three Wheel Studio

I really don't have a set idea of what my ceramic work should be. It's always whatever inspires me and the ideas seem to come to me at any odd times and sometimes really often and sometimes none. So the work is very free-spirited because I don't have a certain set idea of what the ceramic work should be like. I have an idea first, get inspired, say by a scenery, by an animal sitting in a certain way, by a bird that I see flying in a certain way, by some cartoon, Japanese animations, certain faces. And since I'm in the ceramic pottery making business, every time I see something that just a little bit triggers my interest, my immediate thought is "how do I apply it to ceramic work, how do I make it interesting and functional," which is a top priority in my work. I don't intend to be making artwork. My work is craft. A craftsperson I think by definition is making something that is utilitarian.