About Skeeter DeMattia

Skeeter and Peter DeMattia are a husband and wife team who have been creating wonderful and unique kaleidoscopes for over 20 years.  They have always tried to create scopes that are a little different.  While most kaleidoscopes consist of a brass tube with a wheel on one end, “we’ve never done that”, says Skeeter.  Their business instincts told them that to find success, they would have to try something different.


For the DeMattias, collecting interesting items turned into more than just a hobby. What started as a collection of optical instruments, led to a thriving kaleidoscope making business. The interest began when Skeeter bought a kaleidoscope at Basic Blue in Sugarloaf, New York.  Afterwards they started to collect them. “Since we collected them, we knew what had been done and we started doing things that couldn’t be done,” Skeeter said.


In 1991 the DeMattias were faced with a decision.  Peter lost his job as a parts manager and they either had to look for another conventional job or commit to making kaleidoscopes as a living.  Twenty years and thousands of kaleidoscopes later, Skeeter and Peter seem satisfied with their choice.