About Jack Charney

Jack’s art reflects not only the spirit found at home in New Mexico, but also the tastes of international adventure. Growing up in a military family, Jack spent much of his childhood traveling all over the world. And he hasn’t stopped since - a practice he feels informs his artwork. When he was 17, his family settled in Florida, and Jack discovered an interest in clay. Declining an opportunity to graduate high school a year early, he took mostly art classes his final year. “It provided me with focus,” Jack says. “I realized this was what I wanted to spend my life doing.”


Jack studied at Antioch College, where he traveled for two years in South America, learning basic techniques he still uses from potters on the Mexican border. 
After graduating with degrees in Art, Latin American studies, and American Education, Jack taught at a school in Vermont where students hiked, traveled out West, and went winter camping in Canada and Maine. Jack next traveled to Europe, the Middle East, north Africa. Upon moving back to the US, he created his hand formed, unique hand painted pottery and put himself through graduate school at the University of Washington at Seattle. Recent trips have included visits to Jamaica, Peru and Lisbon.