About Elements By Nat

I make jewelry with unique wire works that are designed and made one by one by my own hands. Every wire I touch bends and forms in a different way as the Earth leads it to.


My passion is rings. It is amazing how simple wires and some beads can become a pretty wire ring! Also, I always like the idea of "one of a kind" when I shop for myself because I feel so special.


And the feeling makes my day so much brighter. I want everyone to feel that happiness through my jewelry. I like earthy stuff, so I tend to use earthy colors, but it does not mean I am not adventurous! I always welcome challenges for creating special jewelry just for you.


My favorite materials are Czech glass and Swarovski crystals. Czech glasses have very unique way of presenting themselves. I like the way it all looks different. Every one of them screams with personality. Swarovski crystals are so clean and pure, like elements of the earth. It has innocence in it, and I like the feeling.