About Debra Lynn Gold

Seurat’s La Grande Jatte was an early inspiration. Stepping back brings the thrill of seeing how those little dots have added up to one very large picture. A revelation! That’s when I began to notice detail, to see how many, many small things could add up to something very large, to appreciate the structural layers of objects, and to cherish color.


Today, there are few joys greater than having a productive day at the jeweler’s bench, gathering those wisps of creativity into a finished form. My primary material is sterling silver. I use stainless steel for structural considerations and aluminum for lightness, and, most importantly, color. Aluminum requires that I invent ways to combine it with other metals without the use of solder.


I often place playful elements within a formal, engineered, spatial structure. The playfulness comes as parts rotate, interlock, slide, spin, flex, and flip. Space is the most important design element in my work. I want my work to be dynamic and commanding of its own space. It should also redefine space when it’s being worn. I believe that jewelry should be as dynamic as the human form on which it’s worn.