About Bob Pool

Born in San Francisco, California and raised in Marin County, I played in the woods and on the beach as much as I could. I originally trained in Marine Biology and got my Ph.D. from UCLA. While working in Biology I took a clay class. My life changed when I found that this was my work and my calling. I became a studio potter in 1982 and have been making pots ever since. My current studio is in Berkeley California where I have worked for over twenty years.


I am known for my hand-thrown work. My stoneware pots are light and functional.I make my own glazes, which are lead-free and full of deep color. I strive for beauty, inspired by Asian and African fabrics as well as my Marine Biology and Marin County roots.


I have been an artist-in-residence in Wood Fire Festivals in Japan (Aomori), Republic of Korea (Osan) and China, where I became a founding member of the International Ceramic Artist Association, Zibo, China, 2008.